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Tracey Lister has got the goods on Vietnamese street food. Under her guidance you'll learn how to recreate those bang-up flavours that bring Southeast Asia to your table.

Where: Somerville, Mornington Peninsula


The Expert

Chef Tracey Lister knows how to shop, cook and eat in Vietnam. She has been living in Hanoi or visiting regularly for the last 17 years. Tracey and her family returned to Hanoi in April 2008 and she opened Hanoi Cooking Centre, a purpose-built cooking school and cafe nestled on the edge of the Old Quarter.   In October 2008 Tracey and her husband released KOTO: a culinary journey through Vietnam. It has since sold over 9000 copies in Australia, Japan, the UK, the USA and Vietnam. Their second book, Vietnamese Street Food, was released in 2011 and has been translated into German and Finnish. Recent books, Real Vietnamese Cooking (2014) and Made in Vietnam (2017), have followed.   Tracey first came to live in Hanoi in 2000 after 15 years in the Melbourne restaurant scene, and was determined to put her extensive hospitality experience to good use.   Her opportunity came in the form of KOTO, a grass-roots charity that helps street kids to free themselves from the poverty cycle through vocational training. As the project’s first chef/trainer, Tracey’s contribution to the KOTO training project was to help disadvantaged young people transform themselves into sought-after hospitality professionals.    Tracey’s time at KOTO allowed her to develop a deep appreciation of Vietnamese cuisine. Through research and professional relationships, Tracey has continued to explore the place of food in Vietnamese history and culture, from street stalls and market shopping to age-old family recipes and fine restaurants.    In Vietnam she is acknowledged as an expert on Vietnamese food, evident in her appointment as executive chef of the 1000 years of Hanoi State Banquet for 900 dignitaries.        


The plan

Street food is Vietnam's version of alfresco dining. But busy. All around, something is cooking, steaming, grilling or frying in pots, pans and woks. You'll get the smells and flavours of Vietnam’s street life buzzing in this four-hour class, fully covering all the basics with accessible demonstration and practical application. Headliners on the menu: Hanoi’s famous pho (rice noodles, chicken and herbs in an aromatic broth), green papaya salad, crispy fish and dill spring rolls, and Hue-style wok-tossed beef, lemongrass and noodles. Closing act: a dessert of ginger sticky rice and green tea. We'll meet with a welcome drink before Tracey introduces you to the diverse ingredients on the menu, discussing regional differences that culminate in the aromatic and herb-driven cusiene of Vietnam. From there, you'll get into the action and make the dishes for yourself.

The fruits of your labour

Ease into your class and get the taste for Vietnamese cuisine with a glass of local bubbles and some wok-tossed peanuts, chilli and lime leaves. You will also eat your dishes and take home Tracey's recipes!

The kit required

Nothing! We will provide everything for you.