Winter Foraging Tour

Hogget Kitchen

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Join Head Chef Trevor on a foraging tour around the winery property. Learn the ‘How, What, & Where’ of identifying and preparing seasonal native plants and edibles. Once back at the restaurant, your foraged bounty will be turned into a delicious meal to share in front of the open fire.

Where: Warragul, Gippsland


The plan

Arrive at hogget by 10am for a coffee before heading outside for the first part of the day. Wander the grounds and see all that the acreage has to offer.

Chef Trevor Perkins will take you on a tour of the property where you will learn how to identify edible greens, flowers and other wild food treats (including mushrooms if available) as well as the correct way to harvest each.

Once our foraging excursion is up, we will head back to the restaurant to wash up and prepare your seasonal wild treats, turning your foraged bounty into a delicious wild food feast to be shared in front of the fire with a glass of Hogget wine.

The kit required

Wet weather gear and shoes are required (you can change out of these once back at the restaurant). Pocket knife (not required but will be helpful) and a notebook and pen to jot down your learnings.

Trevor has a simple philosophy about food – he believes that ingredients should be allowed to 'speak' for themselves, and creates all his dishes with that in mind. For that philosophy to work, it's important to use the freshest ingredients at the peak of their season. This approach allows Trevor and the crew at his restaurant, Hogget Kitchen, to support many local growers and develop relationships with food producers throughout the region. They also use a nose-to-tail approach when it comes to meat, doing all the carving and butchering in-house, ensuring the best possible cuts of meat and the least wastage. All the pickling, bottling, charcuterie, smoking and brining is also done by hand, in-house – skills and techniques Trevor is glad to see passed on to future generations.