Japanese Eco-Dye and Shibori Workshop

Dyeing To Weave SAORI Studio

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Immerse yourself in the beauty and earthy colours of Bengala, a Japanese eco-dye, and learn ancient Japanese dyeing techniques in this fun, hands-on workshop.

Where: Clunes, Daylesford/Macedon


The Expert

Prue Simmons from Dyeing to Weave Studio in Central Victoria specialises in Japanese SAORI weaving and natural dye. She is the only person in Australia who is trained by the Bengala Dye organisation and Australia's only official distributor of these unique dyes. Prue has travelled to Japan many times to learn traditional and contemporary Japanese shiborikatazome and itajime dye techniques from the Bengala masters. She loves sharing her passion for these handcrafted Japanese eco-dyes that are fun and easy to use, to produce beautiful earthy colours. 

The plan

Immerse yourself in the beauty and earthy colours of Bengala, a Japanese eco-dye. Derived from the earth, these beautiful handcrafted dyes are non-toxic and lots of fun to use. Prue will teach you how to create patterns using a variety of traditional Japanese shibori and itajime manual resist dyeing techniques. You'll discover the magic of dyeing your cloth and watching the patterns emerge using these incredible natural colours. The workshop is suitable for people aged 12 years and over. 

The fruits of your labour

Participants will receive comprehensive instruction in traditional shibori and itajime dyeing techniques, dye a number of different pieces, and have the opportunity to purchase dyes to enjoy using at home. Refreshments will also be provided during the workshop.

The kit required

All materials will be provided, however participants are welcome to bring an additional white item to dye in any material (T-shirt, scarf, pillowcase) if desired. Please ensure items have been washed thoroughly (without softener) before the workshop. Also – please wear clothes that you don't mind getting dye on!