Macramé Wall hanging – Owl

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This gorgeous macramé owl is an adaptation of a 1978 New Idea pattern that is completely back in vogue!

Where: Geelong, Geelong-Bellarine


The Expert

Bindi Carson is the owner-operator of A good place to start. Bindi created this business with the desire to encourage people back to craft by making it accessible and uncomplicated. All the workshops that are run in the space are thoroughly tested to ensure patterns, instructions and materials will combine to create take-home pieces that you will be delighted by.

The plan

You will learn the Larks head knot, Right twisting half square knot, square knot, alternating square knot AND the wrap knot in this class. The fun, relaxed environment ensures that you master these knots quickly and feel confident about creating your gorgeous wall hanging. You will spend the first few hours knotting up a storm then, once your owl body is created, you will choose your colour and dip dye. While the dye is taking hold, you will make the owl eyes and enjoy a grazing platter and a refreshing drink. While you are waiting for the dye to dry, you will learn how to make a macrame feather key ring and then finish up the day by adding the eyes and beak to give your owl loads of personality.