Beehive Tour

Castlemaine Bee Sanctuary

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Suit up for an exciting apiary adventure delving into the inner workings of the beehive. Gain a wealth of knowledge about these amazing little insects.

Where: Castlemaine, Goldfields


The Expert

What do you do when you've a swarm of bees to deal with? You call Daniel BeeShepherd of the Castlemaine Bee Sanctuary, who will come and re-home them into responsibly managed hives around the community. Well, he will if you live in Castlemaine, anyway! Daniel describes his approach to keeping bees as 'bee-centred' – that is, it's more about the bees than the honey (though the honey is a nice bonus). He's committed to saving honeybees and spreading the word about the importance of pollinators to our society and ecosystem.

The plan

Explore the fascinating world of honeybees at one of Castlemaine Bee Sanctuary's picturesque apiary sites in Castlemaine, Central Victoria. Don a bee suit to enter the apiary for a guided tour and – weather permitting – a look inside a beehive to learn how these amazing creatures live and work.Daniel will talk about the virtues of uncontaminated, hand-pressed, hyper-local, hive-conditioned honey, which can help reduce hayfever symptoms for locals and has outstanding flavour that you will never experience in supermarket-bought honey. He'll explain why wild poly-floral honey – from bees that visit many types of plants rather than simply one kind, such as leatherwood or yellow box – is better for you, and the bees.

The fruits of your labour

Take home a 250g jar of local Castlemaine honey and a wealth of knowledge about these amazing little insects and all they do to ensure the pollination of our flowers, fruits and vegetables.   

The kit required

Bee suits and gloves will be provided but wear closed-toe shoes that cover your ankles. Gumboots are ideal.