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The Perfume Experience

Tu Solus Australia

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Create your own personalised, one-of-a-kind set of fragrances that are distinctly 'you'.

In this 4 hour workshop, let your imagination run wild as you design two special scents from a wide spectrum of choices; from fruity, flowery, woody to every other aroma in-between!

It's a fun-filled day out that involves the mixing and matching of essential oils and essences to create your very own perfumes. Design an alcohol-based (Eau de Parfum) signature scent to suit your day-to-day whims and then create an oil-based (Extrait Parfum) for that special night out.

You will be guided using smelling strips to create a perfume fan; that is followed by bottling, labelling and packaging your perfumes. Champagne and a refreshment platter are included as part of the experience!

Where: Mt Martha, Mornington Peninsula


Please Note:

Minimum age is 16 years. Participants aged 16 or 17 years will require a signed parent or guardian consent.

The plan

This experience, suitable for women and men, takes place in a perfumery amidst a 1.6 acre garden.

Guests will be served a complimentary drink, followed by a short talk about the world of perfumery and safety aspects of the experience.

We then explain the raw materials that are to be mixed together, the items that will be used to create the perfumes and finally an introduction about types of perfumes notes and their characteristics.

For the first perfume, guests have 3 different base notes to choose from before smelling through a rack of over 80 well-known aromas. They will learn how to mix and match aromas to create a 'perfume fan' while recording all the smells used in our special "Perfume Accord". This recording allows the guest to order refills.

Once the creation has been finalised, the eau de parfum (2nd most concentrated/expensive form of perfume) is bottled, labelled and packaged.

The second perfume differs only by the guest developing a mind map and using that to create an extrait parfum (the most concentrated/expensive form of perfume).

The fruits of your labour

During the day we will serve complimentary bubbly and a snack platter.

Guests will make and take home two perfumes; a 10ml Eau de Parfum (spray) and a 10ml Extrait Parfum (roll-on). In addition, each guest will keep all the smelling strips used and the perfume recipes of the perfumes they created.

This makes it easy to order refills. There is an option to take home a bigger bottle.

The kit required

As the perfumery has to be maintained under 19 degrees, the air-conditioner will be running on warm days.
Please bring an extra layer of clothing.
Although, I am a qualified Animal Scientist, my life journey has involved being a consultant for one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, teaching culinary classes, producing bespoke hand-painted ceramic wares, chef/owner of a restaurant and also a coffee consultant.

I am a passionate artisan parfumeur (there are fewer than 150 of us in the world) where I teach/make perfumes solely by hand using only the olfactory sense. My years of teaching and imparting knowledge have led to me to develop a simplified yet unique perfume creation experience which is accessible to everyone.