About Antony Boliancu

If you want to learn about fly fishing, Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing owner, Antony, would have to be one of your top picks! He has guided full-time on the Goulburn River for more than 20 years, and has spent more time on the water than any of the other Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing guides (who are all great too, by the way).

Antony specialises in drift boat and technical dry fly fishing, has a deep understanding of hatch-based fishing, and leads many international fishing trips every year. His knowledge of the Goulburn River, and his understanding of how to find fish at all river levels and in all conditions, is unparalleled. Antony takes close-up photos of rising trout in his spare time. You can often find him hanging from a tree with a telephoto lens in his hands. Antony is first-aid qualified, a Swiftwater Rescue Technician, and a Professional Fishing Instructors and Guides Association member.