About BeBrightCo

Jacqui is a highly passionate yoga and meditation instructor committed to providing extensive guidance to her clients, while motivating them to find their true inner-peace and healthiest self.

Having practised yoga regularly for close to 10 years, she became inspired to delve deeper into discovering all there is to know about the practise that she had come to love so much.

Jacqui has spent extensive time traveling throughout India and South-East Asia, immersing herself in the local culture, traditions and teachings of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism.

During this time she undertook yoga teacher training in India, taught yoga at a 4-star wellness resort in Koh Phangan, Thailand and practised meditation with monks in Myanmar and Nepal!

Jacqui is excited to share the knowledge she has gained during her journeys as well as her love and passion for yoga and meditation with her fellow Melbourne yogi’s!

Jacqui’s classes bring a feeling of calm, connection and centeredness, whilst at the same time being light-hearted and fun with a few laughs thrown in!