About Damian & Bryanna Sandercock

For Damian Sandercock, chef and owner of Piper St Food Co., food has always been more than just sustenance. Growing up the son of chefs and restaurateurs, he learnt from a very young age the importance of food as a means of bringing people together.

'For me there is no greater privilege than being able to cook and eat with my family. The ritual of the evening meal around the table is something that keeps us connected as a family. I believe that cooking should not be difficult, it should not be done under duress, it should not be over-complicated and it should not keep you away from your guests.'

Piper St Food Co. creates a range of award-winning, French-style charcuterie and is famous far and wide for its Traditional English Pork Pie. It's food that is made to be shared – for picnics, parties or a quiet night in.