About Hayden & Hollie

Hayden & Hollie are the founders behind Ingrained Culture. Their mission is "to connect more people with our thriving High Country craft beer scene, whether local or interstate." This has never been easier through our brewery tours.

Local to North East Victoria, Hayden was born and raised in the small town of Barnawartha. Hayden has always loved the High Country for its natural beauty and the vast range of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed all year round. An interest in craft beer began early in adult life however, this grew into a passion after moving interstate and travelling abroad.

Originally hailing from Scotland, Hollie has now lived in Australia for 3 years. Coming from the foot of the Highlands in Scotland, it’s no wonder Hollie considers the High Country home. The High Country’s rolling green hills and contrasting seasons bare some comparison to Scotland (with the added bonus of hot summers). After being introduced to the world of craft beer by Hayden, Hollie’s journey is just beginning. Hollie realised her love for craft beer after learning about sour beer.