About Jayden Ong & Mauro Callegari

Jayden Ong
Described as 'a star in the making' by James Halliday, artisan wine producer Jayden Ong has had a rise in the winemaking world that is nothing short of meteoric. His focus is on cool-climate, single-vineyard sites, and producing wines that are detailed, pure and expressive with an alluring character defined by the vineyard and vintage. Or, as Jayden puts it: 'wines crafted by the earth in which they grow'. Jayden is also co-founder of the Cumulus Inc. restaurant with superstar chef Andrew McConnell.

Mauro Callegari
After a glittering career working for some of the biggest names in hospitality in Australia and around the world, chef Mauro Callegari settled in Gembrook, where he runs the enduringly popular restaurant and bar, The Independent. Given his extensive experience and passion for Spanish, Italian, Creole and North African flavours, you will be hard-pressed to find a better instructor for paella-making than this Argentinian native!