About Samantha Taylor and Kristy Tippett

Kristy Tippett is a rose farmer, florist and owner of Soho Rose Farm. At Soho Rose Farm, field-grown garden roses burst from rich volcanic soil, growing just as nature intended; seasonally and intoxicatingly fragrant.

Located in the heart of a family run working cattle, potato and cropping farm within the Hepburn Springs district, Soho Rose Farm create floral magic that are sold to florists all over Australia.

After many years working in the creative floral world Kristy is taking garden rose growing in an exciting new direction. Kristy’s passion for growing locally grown, high-quality flowers led her to move 6000 established rose plants to her Dean farm in 2018 and has since added another 3000 new plants to her paddocks.

Kristy is excited to pass on her knowledge that she has learned both as a florist and now as a rose farmer.

Samantha Taylor is a Fragrance Specialist and owner of The Powder Room. Samantha's passion for fragrance knows no bounds – she is, proudly, perfume obsessed.

She has more than 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry working with prestige brands, and for the past 15 years, she has specialised in artisan perfume, undertaking training in both London and Paris. The Powder Room is a thriving boutique consultancy and Samantha spends her time consulting on all things beauty and fragrance, conducting Perfume Masterclasses, creating fragrance and beauty products and dreaming up unique perfume events.

Sam traveled to the rose fields of Taif in Saudi Arabia last year, and this workshop is inspired by her experience there. She looks forward to sharing her love of roses in perfume.