BBQ Masterclass with Trevor Perkins

Hogget Kitchen

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The class for those who wish to become BBQ Masters. And tuck into some seriously good grub.  

When: Sat 12 Jan, 9am to 3pm 

Where: Hogget Kitchen, Warragul


The expert 
Trevor has a simple philosophy about food – he believes that ingredients should be allowed to 'speak' for themselves, and creates all his dishes with that in mind. For that philosophy to work, it's important to use the freshest ingredients at the peak of their season. This approach allows Trevor and the crew at his restaurant, Hogget Kitchen, to support many local growers and develop relationships with food producers throughout the region. They also use a nose-to-tail approach when it comes to meat, doing all the carving and butchering in-house, ensuring the best possible cuts of meat and the least wastage. All the pickling, bottling, charcuterie, smoking and brining is also done by hand, in-house – skills and techniques Trevor is glad to see passed on to future generations. 

The plan 
The first part of the day will be spent in the kitchen with a hands-on session covering the following topics: the American smoker, the Brazilian churrasco grill, charcoal grilling, and low-and-slow cooking. Then it's time to sit down at the dining table to enjoy a leisurely lunch, including some of the smoked items you learnt to prepare and cook in the morning's class.

The fruits of your labour 
After your rigorous training session at the smoker and grill, you'll be well on the way to earning an official BBQ Master title – and you'll have earned your long lunch featuring a mix of lamb, beef and pork, and seasonal sides. 

The kit required 
In addition to your appetite, you'll need enclosed shoes with a nonslip rubber sole so that you can work in the kitchen, a notebook and pen, and a spare shirt to change into for lunch, if you like.