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Woolumbi Farm

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This intensive, two-day charcuterie workshop, is one not to be missed if you would like to learn the fine art of salumi. You will take away a breadth of knowledge and your kitchen will become a beacon of gastronomy.

Where: Tyabb, Mornington Peninsula


The Expert

Coming from a Swiss background, Kenneth Neff was delighted when he landed the job cleaning at a local Swiss butcher in Bayswater, 46 years ago at age 14. The art of the butchers work quickly captured and cemented Kenneth's interest in cooked, smoked, air-dried and fermented small goods.
Kenneth's passion for salumi making quickly saw him training with Swiss, German, Spanish & Italian smallgoods makers where he honed his skills in the art.
At a chance meeting, Kenneth was asked to spend some time with Danilo & Luciana Parti in San Donato, Poggio to further refine his skills - this 'spending time' is by invitation only from some of the finest producers in Italy.
French Chef, Geraud Fabre of South Yarra restaurant, France-Soir says: "Kenneth is a very talented man. His charcuterie is exceptional".

The plan

Celebrating the art of Italian Salumi, with two days of food & learning the art of curing for your pleasure at Woolumbi Farm. Under the expert tutelage of Kenneth Neff, who completed his training of many years to hone his skills in a master class in Tuscany.

This is an aged old tradition of fattening the pig to preserve for months to come. The course is about connecting with our past and teaching ways of preserving our abundance for leaner times. It’s a gourmet indulgence where you will take away with you the history & skill set in the art of preserving meat.

You will learn the art of making: Fresh sausages, Salami, Lonza, Coppa, Prosciutto, Lardo , Cottechino

The fruits of your labour

The course includes morning tea and home cooked lunch on both days, featuring Woolumbi produce and a taste of our Long Legs Cider.

The kit required

Please bring an apron.