Shell Me About It: Cooking with Shellfish

Georgie Bass Café & Cookery

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Shellfish are actually easier to prepare and cook than you might think! Top Aussie chef Michael Cole will have you preparing gourmet meals with these delicious little delicacies in no time. 

When: Sat, 24 Nov 4pm to 6.15pm-ish

Where: Georgie Bass Café & Cookery, Flinders


The expert  
Michael Cole is an award-winning, internationally experienced chef. He's currently co-head chef at Flinders Hotel on the Mornington Peninsula, as well as being responsible for Georgie Bass Café & Cookery, Zigi’s Bar, and private dining gigs. Michael's 18 years of global roaming, cultural gastronomic experiences, and working around Australia, Europe and Asia have influenced his cooking. He has held senior chef positions in kitchens around the world, from Niseko, Japan to Nice, France, and more recently in Tasmania, Mt Buller and now Flinders. Michael was named Chef of the Year 2017 at Foodservice Australia, and competed in World Chefs in Malaysia in June 2018. He has been selected as Australia's candidate for the Bocuse d’Or World Final in Lyon, France in early 2019. You can't get much more expert than that!

The plan 
For some, the idea of cooking with shellfish is anxiety inducing, but it really needn't be. In this class you'll learn how to work with and prepare various types of shellfish – from correctly opening and cleaning, to flavour-pairing, to cooking techniques.

Once you know what you're doing, you'll realise how easy it is, and you'll be shucking, shocking and steaming (and all manner of other cooking methods) these ocean gifts with the confidence of a seasoned chef!

The fruits of your labour 
Sit down to enjoy the meals you've learned to prepare, with a drink – and the happy knowledge that your cooking skills have hiked up a notch or two! All recipes will be provided in a pack for participants to take home. 

The kit required 
Adventurous taste buds!