Fermentation and Pickling with Caro

A Bit of Jam & Pickle

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Join Caroline Gray (aka Caro) in her home kitchen as she takes you on a deep-dive exploration of these two ancient methods for preserving food.

Where: Healesville, Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges


The Expert

Caro is a bit of a Yarra Valley legend. She contract-manufactures a range of preserves and fermented goods for retailers around the region, and beyond. For the past few years she has also been a regular fixture at cooking schools throughout Melbourne, imparting her deep knowledge and passion for wholesome, real-food cooking. This is the first time Caro is opening up her own home food studio, giving guests a unique behind-the-scenes view (and also allowing Caroline to stay in her slippers!).

The plan

Humans have been fermenting and preserving all types of foods for thousands of years. In this 2.5-hour hands-on workshop Caro will explain the difference between these two ancient methods of food preservation. You will drink kombucha (plus take home a scoby of your own), roll up your sleeves and get all cabbagey with kimchi, red cabbage sauerkraut, pickled zucchini, preserved lemons, milk keffir, cultured keffir butter, labne, water keffir and a whole lot more that crops up on the day.  Learn how foods prepared in this way can provide a powerhouse of nutrients and microbes to your body, bringing balance to your biome and improving your inner health.

The fruits of your labour

We will snack on pickles, krauts & labne as we chat and work. At the end we'll sit in the sun and enjoy a kimchi omelette, salad and flavoured keffir. Attendees will take home pickles, starter kraut & kimchi to nurture at home and a milk keffir scoby.

The kit required

Bring a bag for all the booty, the rest is provided.