HAKKO. Japanese Ferment Festival. Day 1

The Fermentary

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Day 1 of our exciting Hakko festival! From learning about Japanese pickling, to katsuobushi and natto; to making your own sake cups or string of persimmon to dry. Learn from some of the best chefs and producers in the world on Japanese ferments.

Where: Daylesford, Daylesford/Macedon


The plan

Japanese pickling with Nancy Singleton Hachisu - In this workshop, we will explore the versatility of asazuke (morning pickles), a pickling method which involves a salt -massage, a douse in soy sauce, a spritz of fish sauce, a coating of sour plum, or a push into a bed of miso. These pickles are made and consumed quickly, hence the name. (eg. turnips in umeboshi, nashi in miso)

Katsuobushi and how to cook your rice just right with Holly Davis - What is katsuobushi? All about that fermented dried and smoked skipjack tuna that looks like a block of wood. And how on earth to get that gorgeous shiny moist rice?

Break for lunch - Sit with Emma Jimson of Pom-me-granate fame - and decorate a pair of sake cups which we'll send to you later, or prepare a string of persimmons for Hoshigaki to take home to dry.

Terada Masaru - on Koji, sake brewing and his family brewery philosophy. Taste a range of Terada Honke sake with further help from Melissa Mills from Sake Connect. Translated by Melbournes own Saeko from Koji and Co.

Natto - what is it? End the afternoon by making a batch of natto to eat the next day at our Mochi festival. Taste and talk about the history and varieties of natto with Sharon Flynn and Nancy S. Hachisu.

Includes a fabulous lunch - Tasmanian grown biodynamic buckwheat noodles prepared by Shinbashi Soba. x

The fruits of your labour

- Make and eat your own morning pickles with Nancy Singleton Hachisu.
- Make and keep your own sake cups (which we'll send to you later), or prepare a string of persimmons to take home and dry.
- Make your own natto to take home with you.
- Lunch on Tasmanian grown biodynamic buckwheat noodles prepared by Shinbashi Soba

The kit required

Just yourself, your appetite and your curiosity!
We produce authentic, slow fermented vegetables, milk and water kefirs, mustards, miso, and other little small batch projects that we are curious about.

It's also our goal to empower and educate. So, for those who'd rather make their own, we offer the know-how or confidence with a wide range of workshops, events and kits.