HAKKO. Japanese Ferment Festival. Day 2.

The Fermentary

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This is the hands-on day and there are so many wonderful ferments to cover! From Miso making, Doburoku and Sake Brewing talk, to making your own porcelain sake or teacups, seaweed foraging and drying. Follow your own curiosity and end that with a Mochi pounding festival and feast hosted by Nancy herself.

Where: Daylesford, Daylesford/Macedon


The plan

9.00 am - arrival - have some amazke to warm your bones

Lots to get through today - let's go!

9.30 am Miso - In this Miso Workshop taste a range of Miso's of differing ages, learn the history, geographical differences and traditional uses of this ancient ferment. Make a large batch of miso together to take home to ferment. Yoko Nakazawa from Cooking with Koji is teaching this.

11am - Shoyu class: - Make a batch of shoyu to take home and ferment there - we are flying Yukiyo Copely from the Gold Coast - (@misokitchen_yuki) just to teach this one. I met Yukiyo at a Koji masterclass week in Kyoto a couple of years ago - and am honoured to host her here in Daylesford.

12:30 - Nuka - ferment in a bed - with Yoko Nakazawa. You'll also be taking a carrot or two home in this rice bran bed to ferment.

1pm - Local Seaweed - with Milkwood Permacultures Kirsten Bradley - our very own seaweed expert Kirsten will make sure we know which ones are available to us - and how to make the ready for storage for later use. 12-1pm

Light Lunch at Longhouse

3pm - Doburoku making and Sake Brewing talk - which sake to drink warm, cold, why some are fizzy, on ice or thicker. A more intimate chat with Terada Masaru at Longhouse Daylesford backed in with a beginners guide to Aged Sake with Melissa Mills from Sake Connect.

Mochi Pounding ceremony is to start at 3-4pm but will be on-going for a few hours with a dinner included. We are honoured to have Emma Jimson joining us and there for a breakaway session during this:

Emma Jimson - ceramic sake cup or tea cup making. Our own talented and engineering brain of ceramics of Pom-me-granate will be hosting this hands-on class so you can decorate your own cups (and memories at the same time).

Nancy Singleton Hachisu hosts a Mochi Pounding Festival 4-7pm

This is a festival that Nancy runs from her own home in Japan - brought to Daylesford. Take a turn at pounding, or just watch. There'll be various dishes served along the way featuring different ways to eat mochi - ending with a mochi filled miso soup. We'll make balls to dry for later together. Taste a range of Japanese beer and sake.

Our own Doburoku will be on pour, as will our collaboration with Sailors Grave Brewery - Sake Lees and Pomegranate Beer and Bright Brewery with their Lactic Yuzu Beer.

The fruits of your labour

- Have some amazke to warm your bones in the morning...
- Make your own miso to take home and ferment
- Make your own shoyu to take home and ferment
- Take Nuka fermented carrots home with you (as well as your own nuka)
- Decorate your own ceramic sake cup or tea cup to take home
- Taste a range of Japanese beer and sake throughout the day
- Eat mochi filled miso soup, drink The Fermentary's own Doburoku on pour, as well as our collaboration with Sailors Grave Brewery - Sake Lees and Pomegranate Beer and Bright Brewery with their Lactic Yuzu Beer.

The kit required

Just yourself, your appetite and your curiosity!
We produce authentic, slow fermented vegetables, milk and water kefirs, mustards, miso, and other little small batch projects that we are curious about.

It's also our goal to empower and educate. So, for those who'd rather make their own, we offer the know-how or confidence with a wide range of workshops, events and kits.