Pasta class, Italian folk songs and lunch with three Italians

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I am Marchigiana. A region of Italy with a very deep passion for gastronomy and culture! I love to teach and to share my food, culture and language with you.

Where: Blampied, Daylesford/Macedon


The plan

We will begin our day with a tour of the permaculture farm: a greenhouse, berry orchard, kitchen garden, heritage chickens and larder.

After this, Roberta Ingrosso will teach you to make orecchiette for our lunch and also show you how to make pasta alla chitarra.

Salvatore will make a Pugliese ragu and I will make a pork ragu with free range pork from my neighbour at Jonai Farm. Salvatore is a fantastic musician and will perform songs from our country Italy, and I too will sing some of my favourite Italian folk songs from Lu Colombo to Lucilla Galeazzi.

We will share wine and a Pugliese sweet with you too. We love our language and culture and look forward to sharing it with you!

The fruits of your labour

We will eat orecchiette pasta with a choice of two ragu – vegetarian or pork based – and radicchio salad. You will also enjoy wine and cheese and quince paste, and a Pugliese sweet.

We hope that you will take home a feeling of happiness and love – more than anything that is what I wish for.

The kit required

An apron and a willingness to share yourself with us.
I am from Le Marche, a region of Italy where eating well and cooking well are essential ingredients for a meaningful and passionate life. I've facilitated gastronomy experiences for 20 years, for community groups such as CERES Melbourne, for local government events, for community festivals and now from my own property ORTO farm. My cooking is informed by permaculture principles and also by my Italian heritage. I really love to teach and to empower others to discover the enormous joy and meaning that comes from cultivating and creating a sustainable, healthy and passionate food culture. Arrivederci, cari amici!