Salting + Curing: Salumi at Home

String + Salt

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This hands-on class will walk you through the essentials of meat curing, and ready you to make and cure salami, bresaola, coppacolla and pancetta confidently at home.

When: 10am to 2pm

Where: String + Salt, Warragul


The expert 
As the founder of CLEAVER Salumi Cabinets – designed to provide the ideal environment to air cure your own prosciutto, coppacolla, sausages and more – it’s fair to say our expert Dave Cann knows a thing or two about the topic of cured meats, or salumi (as opposed to salami, the name for cured sausage). And as you would expect from a man whose other job is curating the range of salts and spices at String + Salt, he knows his seasonings, too.

The plan 
This hands-on class will cover choosing the right cuts, seasoning, and creating the right environment to make the best-tasting cured meats. Dave will ensure you learn how to create accurate salt/meat/fat ratios as well as offer a little left-field inspiration for different flavours to give you confidence in curing at home. You will also learn how to break down a shoulder of pork, cure coppacolla and pancetta, make salami and use the trim for some simple sausages. Plus, you'll enjoy sampling an extensive handcrafted charcuterie selection to inspire your own future homemade goodies.

The fruits of your labour 
This class includes a shared table lunch, a selection of local wines and handcrafted charcuterie. You'll even get to make your own salami to take home and show off to your friends and family.

The kit required 
Comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes.