Sourdough bread-making

Penny Olive Sourdough

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Penny Olive Sourdough presents a hands-on sourdough baking workshop.

Where: The Patch, Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges


The plan

This hands-on workshop will provide the necessary knowledge and skills required to create and maintain a starter culture, a demonstration of hand-mixing and shaping dough, and advice on how to get the best results in your domestic oven. It's the perfect class for those looking to bake bread weekly at home. All courses include morning tea and espresso coffee, a hearty vegetarian lunch and afternoon tea, prepared with organic, biodynamic and home-grown ingredients.

The fruits of your labour

You will take home a jar of starter and two loaves of your own hand-mixed, shaped and baked bread.

The kit required

Penny and Hano will supply everything you need for the day.

Penny Olive undertook a traditional sourdough baking apprenticeship in a permaculture village in Queensland, gaining experience in hand-mixing dough, shaping loaves, and of course, appreciating the benefits of prolonged fermentation and baking in a wood-fired oven. Returning to Victoria, Penny began making sourdough, stone-milling grain and splitting wood for the oven, first in the King Valley with the Moritz family and then down the Great Ocean Road. Here she baked at the iconic Wye River General Store with Pip Hayes before settling in The Patch in the Dandenong Ranges. At her new space Penny is joined by her partner and fellow sourdough baker Andrew Hanson (Hano).