Mind-Gut Wellness Workshops

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Come and learn how to use food as medicine for better physical and mental health, at one or all of these mind-gut health wellness workshops!

When: 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Where: Somerville, Mornington Peninsula


The expert
Join Alison, a qualified nutritionist, in a series of workshops dedicated to helping you take control of your health and wellness through nutrition. Alison will equip you with the knowledge and tools to turn food into medicine for improving your physical and mental health. Alison can teach you about the significance of gut health, and how the mind-gut connection influences everything from food cravings, fat loss, and inflammation, to your long-term health.  

The plan 
Choose from one or all of these four workshops on mind-gut health.

Workshop #1: Gut health and fermentation class
Our gut is the epicentre of our health, and plays a role in everything from training our immune system and regulating our weight, to influencing our mood and behaviour. The gut is intricately linked to the state of our skin, our digestion, our mood, nervous system, hormonal balance and the liver's ability to detoxify. When the gut becomes unbalanced we can suffer from gut dysbiosis and associated symptoms. In this workshop Alison will teach you the importance of understanding how to balance the gut, which can lead to a happier mindset, reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, and digestive ill health. You will sample and learn how to make fermented foods such as milk kefir, labne and kombucha, and easily introduce these foods into your diet for better gut health.

Workshop #2: The Gut Health Diet – Why the Mediterranean? 
Good gut health is necessary to keep inflammation and pain in check, and for overall systemic health. In this workshop you will learn how to adopt the world's healthiest diet for good gut health. The Mediterranean eating pattern is thought to reduce inflammation and therefore your risk of dementia, and to reverse symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also helps with weight management, balances digestion, prevents heart disease and increases longevity. Alison will teach you how to adopt the Mediterranean diet easily, and list the foods to include regularly for improving digestion and increasing energy levels. The workshop will be presented over shared platters of Mediterranean food and wine.

Workshop #3: Healthy Gut = Healthy Mind – Eating for Better Mental Health
The health of the gut is central to every aspect of health, and is directly related to the state of our mood and nervous system. Recent research has shown we should not underestimate the power of changing our food to improve our mood. It is vital to look at the mind-gut connection when treating any sort of digestive disturbance or mental-health conditions. Figuring out which one is triggering the other can help unlock the answer to the symptoms being presented. Alison will teach you how to  support your gut to improve stress response, what foods can help improve our mood and how the state of the digestive system can impact how we feel and behave. Alison will show you how to easily prepare prebiotic foods and incorporate them in your diet, which are vital for achieving good mind and gut health.

Workshop #4: Healing Your Body from the Inside Out – Gut-skin Connection
When it comes to beautiful, glowing skin, it's easy to focus on beauty from the outside–in. But it's just as important to focus on beauty from the inside–out. Your skin is not just a layer, it's an organ, and an amazing indicator of what is going on inside your body – specifically, your gut health. Alison will teach you how the gut is connected to our skin, and what foods and nutrients our gut needs for glowing skin. To reduce the inflammation and oxidative stress that can affect our skin, it's important that gut heath is optimised, to absorb essential nutrients. Alison will show you how to include prebiotic and probiotic foods that contain essential nutrients to support our skin health. You will learn how to make your own fermented cheeses, water kefir and more. 

The fruits of your labour
Sample ferments and healthy snacks relevant to the workshop topic, and take home recipes, menu plans, and a wealth of life-changing new knowledge regarding gut health. 

The kit required
Nothing! Everything you need is provided.