Truffled Lunch at The Old Church

100 Mile Foodie

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Locally grown truffles feature in every single course at this long and leisurely ‘Truffled Lunch’ – plus a stellar selection of local wines.

Where: Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula


The plan

Italy might have the lion’s share of the world’s truffle market, but Australia is making inroads into growing this fantastic fungus, which puts it right in the 100 Mile Foodie’s sights as a locally grown ingredient with miraculous, meal-transforming properties!
Set in the stunning location of the Old Church, the Truffled Lunch celebrates truffle season by showcasing local Red Hill truffles, truffle oil, and white and black truffle salt in every course. That’s including the dessert: even the ice cream will have truffle in it! Each course is paired with beautiful local wines.

The fruits of your labour

Go home satiated after indulging in this exceptional Truffled Lunch menu: 

Canapés – black-truffle and hazelnut macaron, baked black-truffle Brie
Entrée – Jerusalem artichoke and black-truffle soup
Main – 12-hour slow-cooked lamb shoulder, truffle polenta, carrot puree, parsnip crisps and broccoli pesto, served with truffle jus
Dessert – maple waffle and black-truffle gelato, truffled honey, and dark chocolate shard.

The kit required

Just bring your appetite!
Marlene Hoff – otherwise known as the 100 Mile Foodie – is all about keeping it local. She uses only sustainable, ethically made products and food produced or grown within 100 miles of her location. She and her team offer catering, special events, cooking workshops and private dinners out of two locations, South Gippsland and the Mornington Peninsula. Marlene believes people want to know where their food comes from, how it was farmed, and whether it’s seasonal – and she’s happy to help them learn all about it.